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How Tower Gardens Redefined Urban Greenery?

In the urban region’s space is a constraint and people who want to have their portion of greenery find it difficult to spare space. For those who are constrained by limited space, tower gardening is a good alternative. You can grow your food right in your home without having to compromise on space. There are composters available in varied sizes. What is the garden tower composter? It is a planter that comes with a self-compost. It is a revolutionary gardening system. Read reviews before you buy one.

Tower Garden is a vertical garden used to grow food. It is ergonomically grown. This means there is no use of soil in the process. You can grow on the roof, balcony, terrace or balcony without having to worry about soil. Growing tower garden can be done in your yard. Moreover, it can add to the functional beauty of your property.

Advantages Of Having A Vertical Garden
Growing food in a tower garden is easy. There are many benefits associated with this type of gardening.

· The first among them being pest free garden. Since there is no soil, the room for pests is restricted. Insects attack the soil, and without it, there would be no reasons to worry. Though, you may need to deal with insects on a smaller scale.

· Weeding is a much lesser chore in the case of tower garden. Though, weeds do find their way into the garden but not as effectively as in the case of a traditional garden.

· Vertical growth means less stooping and bending, leaving you free from back and knee problems. You can work in the garden standing.

· The food crops grow easily in this type of garden. Now you can enjoy your produce and thereby save money. All you need is capital to invest in basic equipment to size up the garden. The revenue from the garden can help you recover the cost of the equipment.

· Food matures in less time when compared to traditional gardening. This means you can reap the benefits sooner than expected.

Working Of Tower Garden
Tower garden consists of a huge plastic column loaded with hydroponic net pots placed inside it. There is a pump that keeps the water moving right on the roots to enable the plants to grow. A reservoir is kept for liquid fertilizers to help the plant get access to nutrients for its growth. Keep the plants exposed to sunlight for quick growth. The process of setting up tower garden is simple and takes about half an hour. The tower garden kit comes with a seed kit to set the process rolling.

As the seedlings mature, you have enough for transplantation. This can give scope to increase your garden space. Then you need to perform routine maintenance and care for your plants. Water is the main source of food and makes sure the pH level is right. Clean the filter to ensure it is free of debris. Remove insects or weeds immediately. You will find that within weeks you can harvest greens and vegetables and use it to prepare food. Now fresh raw materials are available right at your home.