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8 Reasons How Playing Piano Can Change Your Life

Playing Piano

A famous writer once said that music is an outburst of the soul. You will agree with this if you play the yamaha p35 b to the tune of the latest chartbusters listed in www.musicweek.com. Listening to someone play the piano has a positive effect on your mind and is known to act as a stress-buster. Research has shown that musicians have greater cognitive skills and they lead a smart life.

The recent years have witnessed the benefits of playing piano, linking music to a healthy life and a happy soul. Whether you are a beginner learning the notes on the scale or you are a professional music player, here are few reasons how you benefit from playing the piano.

Multitasking skills
When you play the piano, your brain is on an overdrive performing several tasks simultaneously. You have to follow the pitch, control your breath, operate your fingers on the keys of the piano and interpret the music sheet too. Each time you reach out for the piano and play a tune, you have begun a marathon workout for your brain.

Your logical, visual, emotional and motor functions are given a boost while you feel refreshed after the musical play.

Enhances brain power
As is evident you have to be mentally alert in order to strike a chord (pun intended). Playing piano bridges the gap between the left and right parts of the brain and helps improve your analytical, logical and social skills.

Creative thinkers
Musicians are innate thinkers and possess the unique ability to come up with genuine solutions to problems. The next time you face a problem in life, you know whom to approach.

Benefits all age group
There is no upper limit for enjoying music or playing a musical instrument. Children who practiced playing piano from a young age developed high self-esteem, discipline and learning skills. Adults experienced the feeling of goodness, and decrease in lethargy.

Increases hearing awareness
Playing piano helps you train your ears to pick up different sounds at varying levels of pitches. Notice how a fifth note causes you to prick your ears while a seventh note will lead to another reaction. This trains your mind to identify and pick up pitches at different intervals.

Increases social participation
Beethoven and Horowitz enthralled the audience with their impeccable style of music. When you play piano in the presence of others, it leaves you with a feeling of immense satisfaction. You get a good chance to meet other pianists which can lead to learning new trends. It was observed that children who had mastered piano could remember twenty percent more vocabulary than their peer groups.

Improves overall health
While you sit down to play piano, you are working on honing your cognitive and motor skills. Your hand-eye coordination improves and helps reverse aging in older individuals. Other benefits include reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure, and better immune response

Calms the mind
It is not for nothing that doctors recommend music therapy. Playing piano is a source of stress relief and gives your self-esteem a significant boost. For individuals who have Attention Deficit Disorder, music is one of the remedies.