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Factors To Help You Choose The Right Yoga Mat

Have you decided to kick up your fitness routine several notches? Or have you worn out your yoga mat so much that you are looking for a replacement? Whatever, the case, here in this handy guide we list out the factors that you must look for in your yoga mat to get the most out of your asanas? With so many cool yoga mats flooding the market, it’s easy to get confused. Before you pick out the hottest yoga mat in town like the synergy yoga mat from Aurorae, look up aurorae synergy yoga mat review to get a clear picture.

On consulting a few fitness instructors at, we have come up with some great insight that you must know before purchasing a yoga mat. So let’s get started!

Grip Matters
Nothing is worse than slipping off your yoga mat while you try to master the downward dog as you exhale deeply. So the first thing you have to test while shopping for a yoga mat is the grip. Do you feel that your palms are sliding off the yoga mat? Or does it feel like you are clinging on the mat for dear life? Then, skip those mats.

On the other hand, if you end up getting a slippery mat then you can try unrolling your mat on a concrete surface to remove the slippery surface on it. Chalk is another great way to get rid of the slippery material on a new mat.

Go for Padding
If you are new to yoga, then it takes some time to build your strength. So it’s essential that your mat helps you in the process. Experienced yoga teachers say that an improperly padded yoga mat can do more harm than good. Insufficient padding can lead to your wrist and elbows getting injured. This is very true especially for people who are new to yoga.

A word of caution when it comes to padding, don’t end up choosing a giant piece of foam. Foamy mats aren’t suitable when it comes to doing your sun salutations.

Watch out for the Toxins
A huge majority of the yoga mats in the market are chock full of PVCs and carcinogens. So when choosing a yoga mat, choose ones that are PVC free. Your yoga mat is something with which you’re going to spend at least an hour daily. Opt for natural products like rubber and jute.

Check out the weight
Though padding is fine, you don’t want to end up with a mat that’s too heavy to carry around. So look for the right balance between the weight of the mat and thickness.
Don’t Scrimp on Spending a Few Extra Dollars
Yes, we know that it feels great to save money. However, a high-quality yoga mat is one of the things that are worth splurging on. Don’t go for cheap mats. If you are looking for durability and longevity, then it’s worth to spend a few extra dollars getting the best mat available.

Finally, Choose Fun & Quirky Mats
A fun, quirky mat can beat your morning blues in an instant. So look for fun designs that cheer you and make you want to get started with your asanas.

Are you ready to go mat shopping?